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Welcome to fatlossguide.com - The Brutally Honest Weight Loss Program. If you need to lose weight or just get in shape, then this eBook will teach you how. The secret to weight loss is simple with the help of this completely honest weight loss diet.


The Only Weight Loss Program That Tells The Truth.

How many diet and exercise books tell you what you don't want to hear? This one certainly does! It takes hard, sweaty work to lose weight. Have you been trying to lose weight without having to exercise? Do you hope and pray each new product on the market really might work? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? No energy. Frustrated with how you look and feel?

This Weight Loss Program will help you! It is simple and to the point. No fancy money making schemes. No promises. No guarantees. Just the plain and simple truth that has worked for centuries. It is possible to have the 6-pak abs you so desire!!

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Get ready to make a weight loss commitment, stick to it and begin to feel better about yourself on the inside and out. Do you know the strongest of all our mental habits is the one that tells us we cannot do something? It plagues us continuously each and every day. It makes us quit. It makes us feel worthless. It is US! Our own mind. Sad to say, but we are our own worst enemy.

This eBook provides everything you need to know to start right now to begin to become a healthy person again. It includes almost too-simple-to-be-true suggestions of healthy eating, (three meals a day with snacks - specific examples are given), types of exercise (how to get started, don’t join a gym, start slow and keep going) as well as easy “tricks of the trade” to keep yourself motivated. All practiced together, you will succeed once you make the commitment.

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Weight Loss Program Fact #1 - Hard Work

IT TAKES HARD, SWEATY WORK to get in shape. It’s about changing your lifestyle – making healthy food choices AND doing physical exercise each and every day. Period. But from those who have done it and continue to stay in shape, they say “IT WORKS! And IT’S THE ONLY WAY!!”

Weight Loss Program Fact #2 - Diet

DIET- To get in shape, you have to exercise AND eat healthy. You cannot pick one of the two; you have to do both. I learned this while watching people who worked out constantly, yet ate large amounts of unhealthy food. Here’s the good news – I still eat a bacon cheeseburger now and then and still have 6-pak abs. You don’t have to give up everything, you just have to focus on eating better and making a habit of eating healthier. You will have to break your old eating habits and adopt new/healthy ones.

Follow these simple rules when you go to the grocery store:

fat loss bullet 1. Cut down on saturated fat. You undoubtedly buy a few products high in saturated fat. Your body still needs fat, but now you can begin enjoying healthy fats in food such as nuts, avocados, etc.

fat loss bullet 2. Buy food high in protein. Stock up on fish, chicken and lean beef. You can still have steaks and other meats.

fat loss bullet 3. Load up on complex carbohydrates. Diets that completely cut carbs are robbing your body of energy. Carbohydrates are the main source of blood glucose, which is a major fuel for all of the body's cells and the only source of energy for the brain and red blood cells. However, not all carbohydrates are good. You should avoid simple carbohydrates such as soft drinks, desserts, candy, and sugar since they do not offer the vitamins and minerals important to your health. The good carbs (complex carbohydrates) can be found in whole-grain breads and cereals, dry beans and peas, fruits and vegetables which are generally low in fat, contain little or no cholesterol and are rich in fiber.


Weight Loss Program Fact #3 - Exercise

Find a physical activity you enjoy. Walking, running, swimming and cycling are great exercises to begin with. First, concentrate on physical exercise that makes you sweat a lot. When you sweat, you are burning calories and taking off fat to expose a lean body. Don’t worry about running X number of miles, or doing X minutes on the treadmill. Your goal should be to work out until you are pouring sweat or become too fatigued to continue. The problem with most workout programs is they assume all people are alike, and we can do X # of pushups, X #of sit-ups, and run X# of miles. Don’t expect a magazine article will know how much of a workout you can put in. It’s up to you to test yourself and push yourself to your physical limits.

Weight Loss Program Fact #4 - Attitude And Motivation

A negative attitude will only allow you to eat another unhealthy meal or miss another workout. A positive attitude will help you make healthy decisions and build healthy habits. If you do eat some junk food or miss a workout, and feel guilty, it’s important you don’t let negative thoughts take over. Thinking positive allows us to bounce back from our mistakes and move on to begin getting back to healthier habits.

Weight Loss Program Fact #5 - There's No Better Time Than The Present To Start.

What are you waiting for? The time is now - You have the desire, the determination, and with the help of the Brutally Honest Weight Loss Program, you will have the knowledge.

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